What is Tracert?

Find the IP address of any remote host. TRACERT is useful for troubleshooting large networks where several paths can be taken to arrive at the same point, or where many intermediate systems (routers or bridges) are involved. Tracert, if used properly, can help you find points in your network that are either routed incorrectly or are not existent at all.

What is the syntax for Tracert?

Syntax: TRACERT [options] target_name
Key: target_name The HTTP or UNC name of the host
-d Do not resolve addresses to hostnames. (avoids performing a DNS lookup)
-h max_hops Maximum number of hops to search for target.(default=30)
-j host-list Trace route along given host-list (up to 9 hosts in dotted decimal notation, separated by spaces).
-w timeout Wait timeout milliseconds for each reply.

How do I do a Tracert?

To use tracert, you simply need to open a command prompt. To do this, go to: Start => Run => CMD. Then type tracert domainname, where "domainname" is the name of the site you are running the trace for.

What does Tracert do?

Using Tracert will help you to determine the network path as it is laid out through the network AND most importantly, how data traverses that path.